Improvements to text editor


This has inevitably come to mind since experimenting with the blog posts.

I'm finding the basic text box very difficult to work with.

Mainly, I'd like to click on a generation and have it open full-width for easier editing.


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Henry Perkins

Since this is now marked "In Progress," is there a Trello-like next step that users can be involved with? The UX of the text editor is fine. Its limited bc you can only edit generations individually. If resources are going into improvement here, a more in-depth analysis of the role you want the text editor to play in Copysmith should be considered.


Matt Hunt

Status changed to: In progress



This is a bigger UX request which considers use-cases and the regenerate function

I'd like the ability to quickly select sections of texts (paragraphs) as 'blocks' that can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.

The ML output is fairly disordered and so the ability to quickly reorder text at sentence level would be amazing.

Linking blocks to the regenerate or expand-on button would improve that functionality massively.