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John Grattan

Please consider adding a "Long-Form" template similar to Conversion.ai and ShortlyAI.

For anyone not familiar, imagine a blank Google Doc where you write a few words and then have the option to generate short, medium, or long output. Basically, everything you type becomes an input. This allows you to write more naturally and have GPT-3 work with you as an assistant. This also eliminates the need to fill out form fields each time to generate content.

I'd also love to see this "Long-Form" template integrated with the "Article Writing Assistant" template.

1. Run the "Article Writing Assistant" per usual
2. Choose the output you like and edit
3. Make edits/type a few new words and then have the option to use the "Long-Form" generator to continue writing.


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Hayden Johnson

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Sanyi Wang

Thank you for your help, John, to put your thoughts in here. Greatly Appreciated!

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